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Huguenot Venues

Huguenot Chambers is the hub of the Cape Bar, housing its members, library and administration. Members of the Cape Bar are independent advocates who include forensic specialists in every field of law, sought after both as experienced arbitrators and as expert counsel.

The newly-refurbished Huguenot Venues are premium venues which uniquely offer the neutrality of the Bar as an arbitration venue, and the convenience, time- and cost-saving of immediate proximity to counsel’s chambers for consultations, preparation and access to secretarial, research and other resources. 

The Blue Room is trusted as a neutral arbitration venue with a long tradition of resolving disputes. It has recently been upgraded with sophisticated video conferencing and AV equipment to enable participation by witnesses and parties anywhere in the world.

The Common Room is ideal for large meetings, conferences, lectures, exhibitions or social functions. The Annex is a second boardroom which can be used for arbitrations, consultations and meetings.

Blue Room 

Blue Room Cape Bar

The Blue Room offers: 

  • a boardroom table seating 18 people;
  • automated video-conferencing equipment, with access to a virtual meeting room;
  • high-speed Wi-Fi;
  • laptop presentation facilities; 
  • three display screens.

Standard Rate: R5,000/day R1,000/hour 

Preferential rates are available for Cape Bar Members. (See the Terms and Conditions.)  

Common Room and Annex

Common Room and Annex are interlinked and can be divided.

Common Room Cape Bar

Common Room 

Common Room Cape Bar

The Common Room offers: 

  • tables and seating for 30 to 50 people in a lecture, presentation or conference configuration;
  • twin data projectors and screens, with wireless connection for the display laptop;
  • the Annex as a breakaway venue;
  • wireless microphones and quality audio;
  • high speed Wi-Fi for participants;
  • a server area for social functions. 


annex cape bar

The Annex offers:

    • a boardroom table seating 12 people;
  • high speed Wi-Fi;
  • the Common Room with all its facilities; 

The Common Room and Annex come as a bundled offering.

Standard Rate (for both): R3,000/day or R600/hour 

Preferential rates are available for Cape Bar Members. (See the Terms and Conditions.)  

To make a booking, please download and complete the venue application form.

The policy and Terms & Conditions are available for download.

For further information on any of the Huguenot Venues, please contact: / 021 424 2777.